A Porch of My Own

A Porch of My Own

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bird Houses and Bird Nests

The annual cleaning of the birdhouses has arrived! 

This little terracotta birdhouse was purchased in Dahlonega, Georgia about 20 years ago and it is a favorite of little wrens. We have had wrens nesting in it ever since we got it.

This nest came out of another wren house. It has snake skin incorporated into the nest!

The nest below is made almost entirely of deer hair.

We cleaned our martin houses out also. We have had the houses up for 6 years and have yet to have martins in them. The Ash Throated flycatcher nests in them each year. They add some turkey feathers to their nest.

The yard is alive with all the birds this time of year and we are busy filling the feeders! Some of the birds we have are lesser goldfinches, scrub jays, house finches, pine siskins, juncos, cardinals, ash throated flycatchers, wrens, white wing doves, eurasian doves, titmice, and ravens. The summer tanagers and vermilion flycatchers will arrive later.

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