A Porch of My Own

A Porch of My Own

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Things I Like

Rick was writing what I called "his book" and he called his "observations". He said if anyone ever wanted to know what he really thought they could read it when he was gone. He never shared it with me, just let me know where it was. I'm still going through it and some of it I won't ever share and some will offend some people, I imagine, since he was often more honest than people like. Today he is my guest blogger with the following words he wrote.

Things I like:

I have always liked the evening more than the morning. It is my favorite time of day because it has represented to me relief from the events of the day. The sunrise is a sign that work is about to begin.

I like to smell and taste a fresh peach in the summer. 

I like the taste of a home grown tomato in the summer.

I like to see my children and grandchildren smile.

I like to sip good whiskey at the end of a long day.

I like to get out of my vehicle after a very long drive.

I like to smell the air in the Texas Hill Country.

I like to look at the stars on a cool night at our ranch.  

I like a garden.

I like sitting around a camp fire with good company. 

I like being inside our cabin on a cold and wet winter night.

I like a Texas Hill Country river. 

I like the anticipation of and the beginning of fall and spring.  

I like observing nature.

I like doing things with Sue.

I like looking into Sue’s eyes.

And the following he wrote about our daughter, who has her birthday today. Happy birthday, Sari, with love, from Dad.

She is strong willed, a reader and writer thanks to her mother. She is now a mother as well. She is a lot stronger than she thinks she is. I wish I had spent more time with her. I’m proud of her!

So tonight if you're able, go sit around a campfire or by the fireplace and sip some whiskey. And think about those both here still and those gone from us, the ones you love and the ones that love you, the smiles of your children and grandchildren. It's gonna be a cold and wet winter night here so I'll be inside our cabin. Sipping whiskey and hoping that 2015 is kinder to us than 2014 was.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I have enjoyed reading your blog for several years. It reminds us that nothing is for certain and life can change in an instant. I cannot imagine going through what you are right now but I pray you find the strength to get through this and find peace and happiness with those still around you.

    1. Thank you, Rick, for your thoughts and kindness.

  2. Just beautiful, know that I will raise a glass of the amber liquid to you both this evening.

    1. Thank you, Lois. Love you, my friend.

  3. What a wonderful gift he has left you. I hope that 2015 is a more gentle, kinder, year for you. Best wishes.

  4. That was beautiful. I've thought of you a lot in the last few weeks. Wishing you strength and peace. Especially this weekend as my sister and I plan a trip to your part of Texas.