A Porch of My Own

A Porch of My Own

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Pink Door

I'm not sure why I decided to paint the back door to the bedroom addition pink, but about three weeks ago I had a notion to do just that.

Usually I stay in the subtle nature color scheme on things like this - the front door to the cabin was black for 11 years - and add color with accessories and fabrics. Yellow, orange, red, and green are the colors I usually go to. I've never painted anything pink before.

Rickie and I love the Southwest and after working in San Antonio for a couple of years we found ourselves drawn to color. The formerly adobe colored pump house got a coat of terra cotta paint. The door on it has been purple, blue, and is now a yellow gold. Rickie actually liked the purple and wanted to keep that color but it didn't make me happy when I saw it so I changed it.

So why pink? Maybe it's because without Rickie I feel I'm a fainter shade of the red I like. Maybe because it's a softer version of the warm colors I go to, and without Rickie I've faded a bit. Maybe, although we don't do boy-girl colors in our family, it's because with me working on this project without Rickie it's a nod to girl power.

Maybe I just tired of other colors and wanted a change.

Originally I brought home a hot pink color and tried a sample. But it was too jarring when I saw it each time. So I mixed a bit of it with some white I had and got the color I used. Maybe I'll later step up to a darker shade but maybe not. This is a peaceful color and changes with the light, sometimes looking purple. And that's a nod to the pump house door Rickie liked, if not the bright purple it was.

I need a bench for the small new deck. Maybe I'll paint it the hot pink.


(Though I mixed this color by adding Hot Gossip to Marshmallow, it almost perfectly matches a Behr color called Youth Blush.)



  1. What's your total square footage now? Including the screen porch. We've found a plan that's 720 that would be something my husband could make. It's just finding property to build on. We are about to make some huge life changes in a few weeks. It's an adventure.

    1. Judith, with the addition the total is 808 plus the 96 sq ft on the screen porch. If we had been building the whole thing at one time we wouldn't have made it that big. Because we did the original 464 sq ft and wanted the option of not adding on if things didn't allow that, we made the one room bigger so we could have two beds in it. Without needing those beds it could be smaller. And even the addition is a bit bigger than we would have done if things were different. I made it a little bigger so that if more than one of the kids comes out there is room for some air mattresses. I think between 650 and 750 is a good amount of space for two people and would allow room for a bedroom.
      We have used our screen porch more than anything!
      That's exciting about your changes! Enjoy the process as well as the end result. It's all good times.

  2. I think the pink door is really nice