A Porch of My Own

A Porch of My Own

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Living Large "Be Happy" Challenge!

Sometimes happiness doesn't find us, we have to seek it out. My friend Kerri, the Living Large in Our Little House lady, has decided to do just that this summer!

She's working extra hours each day so she can have Fridays off. And she intends to find some happy times on those Fridays! She challenges us to do the same. Most of us can't get Fridays off but you can still make time each week to do something fun. And to encourage us she's offering some prizes!

Check out her blog post at the link below or follow her on Living Large in our Little House Facebook page for details. It's super easy to join the fun, all it takes is a comment sharing what you've done that makes you happy that week.

Here's what Kerri has to say about the challenge - "Each week, I will blog about a different activity I’m going to engage in that will bring me pure joy. That will also be your “find” for the hunt. For example, the find this week is doing something I’ve never done before. I’m in my 50s and I’ve never had a pedicure! But you don’t have to spend money or even leave your house. Your find might be reading a book you’ve always wanted to read, cooking or eating an ethnic dish you’ve always wanted to try or checking out a museum in your town. It could be anything, as long as it brings you joy!"

Here's the link to Kerri's blog post -

Living Large In Our Little House Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy your summer and be purposeful in your pursuit to have fun. Time slips away from us and these days can go by so fast. I just discovered my little town has a farmer's/craft market on Saturdays in the summer and I checked it out this morning. Came home with some Colorado peaches and a cold weather hardy tomato plant to try! It was fun at the market and fun eating those peaches on ice cream this afternoon. Sometimes fun is a big thing and sometimes it's a little thing!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Riding the Range, Running the River

Long ago when I was another version of myself, we had a couple of horses. One was a former Texas prison horse, half Tennessee Walker, half Quarter Horse. He had a star brand so we imaginatively named him Star. He was the best horse for kids and greenhorns. Larry and John were maybe 7 and 8 years old and we all learned to ride on him. I was married to their dad then and I haven't ridden a horse since that ended in 1979. 

That all changed when John and Nicole and Zac and Bianca came over on vacation this week! We hooked up with a great outfitter and hit the trail! We rode in the San Juan Mountains. It was a gorgeous ride in the tall pines, wild flowers, and flowing creeks from snow melt. His horses were the best and he matched us each to one suited to us. In the small world category, he was from a town in Louisiana near where I'm from and he knew my aunt's family. We were all hooked on riding at the end of the day and I'll be going back with every other visitor that shows up!

I came to Colorado to make a new life and to have adventures. And do things I'm kind of afraid of. So a couple of days later we did something I've always wished I could do but was scared to. Rickie could have easily rafted but he was always worried about me. I'm not a strong swimmer and I'm afraid of fast or deep water. But this particular ride said it was for all ages so off we went! It was class I to class III. With enough III to make it fun for us without really worrying about falling out. Hey, I want adventure but I've got my limits!  It was peak snow melt so the river was high. The water temp was 44 degrees. Our guide said we should wear these wet suits. We didn't want to but we were glad we listened to him!

Our young guide was awesome. He was originally from Ft. Worth and came to Colorado back in the early 2000s on a vacation before his Summer job started. He called them and told them he wasn't coming back. That's a story I'm hearing more and more. Our horseback riding outfitter came here elk hunting and never returned. These are my kind of people. Not because they came and loved Colorado especially but because they went somewhere that touched their soul and their heart and they said, here's my place. And had the guts to take a chance they could make it here. 

I loved the horseback riding but the rafting was not only amazing fun, it was a fear overcome for me and an adventure I'd always hoped to have. It will be another thing my future visitors and I will repeat! 

Sarah and her family came out this week also. They are in the process of moving to Denver and will be here, at least some of them, for a little while. But that's another blog post entirely! 

One more thing happened this week and I did it alone. Rick was always planting flowers for me and the last thing he planted was a little crabapple tree. When we came to Colorado on vacation the year before he died we fell in love with all the different trees. After we got home he bought a crabapple tree and planted it in the garden. I wanted to get one for here. The nursery didn't get many in and they came in while I was in Austin the end of May. So the only choice I had when I went was one that had pink buds that opened to white flowers. I had wanted a light pink one. The woman at the nursery asked me if it had to be a crabapple. I said yes and had to hold back the tears. I eventually decided to go with the white one so I could plant it this year. Which I did yesterday. I didn't plan it but after the move I ended up with one water bottle with ranch water in it. I poured that over the tree after it was planted. We plant trees for people we love in our family and this one is for Rick. 

It was quite the week here in Pagosa Springs. Riding, rafting, moving, planting. And we threw some shopping and eating in there too. 

Until next time, happy trails!