A Porch of My Own

A Porch of My Own

Monday, November 29, 2010

Super Easy Ornament Wreaths!

A couple of years ago I bought some incredibly inexpensive wreaths at Walmart. I paid $2.00 each for two of them and after the season got another one for $1.00. These cheaper wreaths are best for this project since they are not as full as more expensive ones so you have more room for your ornaments. 

One wreath has ornaments that my now grown kids made when they were young. One has a woodland ornaments theme and one is just a mix of some of my favorite ornaments.

Just hang them on the wreath, bending the greenery stem up to keep them from sliding off. You can wire them on for added security. 

I hang them from a wreath hanger on my bedroom and closet doors.

What I like about displaying the ornaments this way is that they are at eye-level and you can see them better than if they are buried in the tree. This would be a good way to display a collection or series of ornaments. You could even make one with all those Happy Meal toys! 

At the end of the season, just take them off the door and store them in one of the plastic wreath boxes you can also get at Walmart. I got mine on markdown after Christmas and I think I paid $5.00 each for them. You don't have to remove the ornaments. Next year just take them out of the box and hang! So easy and stress free!

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