A Porch of My Own

A Porch of My Own

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Deck the halls 2011

The little cabin is ready for the holidays!

This drill on the mantel belonged to Rickie's dad. It's screwed into a block of wood using a large drill bit. This supports it upright. I saw one like this for $200 on a website. Mine was free.

The little snowman on the right was bought at a craft fair. It is paper mache and reminds me of Bixby with his little smiley face.

A friend of mine made the felt angel cone. She makes a lot of nice Christmas pillows, ornaments, and photo books.

The boys put the lights up on the pumphouse for me when they were out. The little fence in front of the pumphouse protects the water cutoff valves in the ground from being run over!

We hang our cards on twine at the end of the daybed. 

The large Santa is made from a cypress knee. I got in on a trip to Nachitoches, Louisiana with some friends.

The little mittens hanging on the old window chalkboard used to be part of my office decorations before I retired. 

I added a little skinny artificial tree to the counter this year. I think it needs some lights so I will get some and add to it. It has small mercury glass ornament balls on it and tiny Santa ornaments. They are kind of lost in the tree without lights. Everything is better with lights!

One of the tiny glass Santas on the little counter tree.

A friend gave me this glass block with lights last year. It had a fancy bow on it which was beautiful but a little too fancy for the cabin. I replaced it with a wooden ornament and put it on the spice rack in my kitchen. I love glass blocks and lights!

These inexpensive snow globes belonged to the kids when they were little. The red ones are almost 40 years old.

I love the Santa pillow some friends gave me and would leave it up all year if I could get by with it! 

Last year I added this beautiful multi-colored throw by daughter-in-law Lisa made for me for Christmas! The small Santa with sleigh pillow is one my friend Belinda made. She also made the felt angel cone in the first picture.

We've gotta have a little camo for the hunters! I made this stocking many years ago. The trim is part of an old shell holder Rickie had. The feather was found on our place and the ornament is from the Dollar General!

We cut a little cedar tree for the back porch again this year, as we always do and it is covered with lights. And we also have the fence post tree again with lights in the front yard. One year I am going to get busy and made several of those! 

I also make a cedar wreath each year and put it on the gate. I haven't done that yet. I was waiting until it was closer to the holiday so it would stay green until Christmas.

And as always we have the lights on the   porch. Zac and Cam put those up for me when they came out to go hunting.

Give thanks for all you've been blessed with and hold your loved ones tight.......

One more picture. It doesn't have anything to do with cabin decorations. It is of my mom last year at her last Christmas. I wish she could have spent that at my little cabin and I wish she could have been healthy to enjoy it and know where she was. I miss her and Daddy as the holidays approach. But as Elvis says, maybe I'll see you tonight in my dreams.


  1. The cabin looks so cozy with all your decor. I'll start my decorating this weekend. I miss my parents too.

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely decorations with us! Your little cabin is beautiful- exactly what I would love to live in!
    Merry Christmas to you!