A Porch of My Own

A Porch of My Own

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Christmas Shopping

I was at Lowe's yesterday getting some more paint for my project and there was a couple about my age checking out next to me. Maybe a little older but in my age bracket. They had a cart with two artificial Christmas wreaths in it. Ones made of greenery with red bows. Nothing over the top, just simple wreaths.

As I was loading my paint and caulk in my truck I saw them on the next row loading their purchases in their SUV.

Something about it touched me. It was an ordinary kind of thing. They acted the way couples long together act, not much talking, a calmness about them. As if they had decided before they left home what they needed. Maybe the kids were coming over for the holidays and they wanted to freshen up the decor, buying early to beat the crazy rush later.

The kind of thing you do when you're retired and have plenty of time to think about these things and make plans. The kind of thing Rickie and I would have done. Just a little ordinary thing that goes on in the lives of people living an ordinary life.

The kind of thing I miss the most.



  1. This too shall pass................thats what the good Lord said. And to myself i ask when??

  2. I remember decades ago when we were dealing with fertility problems and it seemed as if there were pregnant women everywhere, reminding me of what I wanted so badly. It must feel that way to you now, but in an even more take-your-breath-away manner. You must notice couples about your age everywhere. How hard that must be to be ambushed by such emotions when running a simple errand. I hope the time will come when the moment is also mixed with glad memories as well as the sense of loss.